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Consume better.

We do extensive research to offer you high quality 

ethically-sourced, sustainable, and clean everyday groceries + essentials.

Less Waste.

Zero Suffering. 

More Good.

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Rethink + Unlearn.

Learning WHY we should shop Ethikli will make the transition a little easier. 

It's time to rethink consumerism and unlearn the lies big corporations have conditioned us to believe!

Reader discretion is advised. 


What's the real cost of your stuff? 

 The truth will probably make you sick. 

 What's worse is that your hard-earned money has been funding it, whether you know it or not. 

Enough is enough. 

Each purchase on Ethikli re-routes money AWAY from child labor, fast fashion/beauty, and greedy big business. 

Choose to invest your hard-earned money in ethics, inclusivity, and transparency.



Our spending habits are destroying the Earth.

Which means our spending habits can help heal the Earth.

And, we want to make change as easy as possible by doing the hard work for you!

From conception of a product to it's packaging, shipping journey to end-of-life: 

each and every item in our shop is 

recycled/up-cycled, recyclable/biodegradable, and/or carbon neutral. 

Finally, you can shop with peace of mind that the products you use are truly eco-friendly and won't end up in a landfill or the ocean.



We differentiate ourselves from other 'sustainable companies' by choosing NOT to buy, sell, or use any animal products. 

Many sustainable brands out there still sell products using leather, wool, beeswax, cashmere, etc. not realizing the impact that [inhumane] factory farming has on the environment; not to mention the suffering and torture behind it all... 

ALL of our products are always 100% vegan.

Take Action.

Any small action can have BIG consequences for Earthlings [human or not]. 

Let's choose actions that do more good than harm.

Help us clean up the local beaches every month on TRASHY TUESDAYS!