Our Shipping + Packaging Standards

  • NO PACKING SLIPS and NO cutesy thank you cards. We are so grateful for your business but, it’s 2021, and you already found us online so you have everything you need here and your email inbox. And, you can always call/text us if you prefer!

  • NO packaging is used whenever possible. When absolutely necessary, we use recycled newspapers and/or paper from our wholesale orders. That means you’ll always get different packaging based on what we have on hand to recycle. And, if everything fits just right we won't use any packaging at all!

  • Our shipping labels and tape are 100% biodegradable and the adhesive is recycle-safe. Printed on a thermal printer so no ink necessary.

  • We order our boxes through EcoEnclose a company specializing in sustainable packaging. They even use algae ink so the boxes are 100% recycled and recyclable.

  • We ship via Sendle who ensures carbon neutral domestic shipping. They calculate the highest amount of carbon that could be generated by any given package sent. This generates a carbon yield number. Using that number as a guide, they use a portion of each package cost to fund sustainability projects via South Pole. Every year, business owners (including us) vote on which projects will offset our shipping for the next 12 months. Learn more here.

  • Just in case Sendle doesn't do the trick, we're also partnering with Native to purchase carbon offsets to ensure our impact remains neutral or - dare we say - positive. More on that coming very soon!

"Committed to sustainable packaging. Partnered with EcoEnclose".
Photo of inside of packaging exposing padded lining made of recycled paper.
Photo example of how we package at Ethikli. Fit perfectly in box with newspaper padding. Biodegradable tape roll.
"EcoEnclose apparel mailer 12" x 15". Recycled/recyclable symbols. "This mailer is made with 100% recycled paper (97%PCW) and is recyclable. This information is printed with black Algae ink. Learn more at EcoEnclose.com"