We differentiate ourselves from other 'sustainable companies' 

by choosing NOT to buy, sell, or use any animal products whatsoever.

Many sustainable brands out there still sell products using 

leather, wool, beeswax, cashmere, etc. not realizing 

the impact that [inhumane] factory farming has on the environment; 

not to mention the suffering and torture behind it all...

ALL of our products are always 100% vegan.

What's the problem?

Torture + Suffering.

If you’ve never seen behind the scenes footage of factory farming, you’re in for a shock. If you have and you’re completely unbothered…well, you may be a sociopath? Animals are stuffed into cages (think of those wire ball bins they have at Target/Walmart), skinned alive and discarded. And, that’s just the abbreviated version. I highly encourage you to watch this short doc to see the truth with your own eyes. 

Loss of Biodiversity. + Land/Habitat Decimation.

Do you remember when Scar took over in the "Lion King" and allowed the hyenas to hunt and eat as much as they want and they ran out of food and devastated the land? Well, the circle of life is a real thing and humans have become very disconnected from it. Our greed and selfishness is causing an environmental imbalance.

To produce stuff, "humanity uses more of Earth's resources than it can replenish. A recent WWF report found that the population sizes of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians have experienced a decline of an average of 68% between 1970 and 2016. 

This is mainly due to land-use change, particularly the conversion of habitats, like forests, grasslands and mangroves, into agricultural systems. Animals such as pangolins, sharks and seahorses are significantly affected by the illegal wildlife trade, and pangolins are critically endangered because of it. 

More broadly, a recent analysis has found that the sixth mass extinction of wildlife on Earth is accelerating. More than 500 species of land animals are on the brink of extinction and are likely to be lost within 20 years; the same number were lost over the whole of the last century. The scientists say that without the human destruction of nature, this rate of loss would have taken thousands of years."

Source: "The Biggest Environmental Problems of Our Lifetime" by

CO2 Emissions.





What can we do about it?

  • Boycott.

    Stop buying/using/wearing animal products! Nowadays there are so many incredible, high quality and often better alternatives out there. We really don't need to kill animals anymore!

  • Thrift.

    If you can’t get over your love of leather, suede and cashmere, consider buying these materials second hand. There are some really great high-end online thrift stores like Poshmark, The Real Real etc. where you can find barely worn (sometimes even unworn) designer clothing for less than you would at department stores. There’s really no need to buy new anymore (unless your ego is still stuck in the consumer matrix).

  • Go Vegan/Plant-Based/Vegetarian. 

    Eat less or no animal products. If we don't buy it, they'll stop producing it - simple as that.

  • Shop Ethikli! 

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