Our Values

Transparency and integrity are our top priorities. 

We strictly source from honest and inclusive vendors who prioritize humans, animals and the planet over profit. 

Our Mission

To make ethical, sustainable, and vegan shopping 

simple and accessible to ALL.

To decrease and, eventually, eliminate single-use packaging and food waste.

We follow the supply chain of each and every product to the best of our ability. 

After hours of research, we only present you with 
ethikli approved” products which are:

Ethically Sourced.

  • Fair/Living Wages
  • Safe + Sanitary Work Conditions

  • NO Greed

  • NO Child Labor

  • NO Exploitation

All sourcing and manufacturing of ingredients and materials are cultivated by people who are paid fair wages, over 18 years old, and working under safe, sanitary conditions on their own free will. 

*Bonus points if they're local, donate a portion of their profits or give back to the community in some way. 


  • NO Virgin Plastic
  • Low to Zero Waste

  • Recycled/Up-cycled/Recyclable

  • NO Greenwashing

  • Natural Materials + Ingredients

  • Minimal Environmental Impact

All materials (including any packaging) are either biodegradable, reusable, recyclable, and/or up-cycled. ZERO VIRGIN PLASTIC. Low to zero waste; meaning that almost nothing is sent to landfill from infancy to death of each product.  


  • NO Animal Testing
  • NO Factory Farming

  • NO Torture or Suffering

Did I mention we don't use ANY animal products? No, not even "humanely sourced" honey, beeswax, or wool. 

There's just no way to guarantee these are produced humanely and, frankly, they're just not necessary! 

We can get all the same benefits of animal products using sustainably sourced materials made from plants. (i.e. fruit leather, bamboo dryer balls etc.)


  • NO Harmful Chemicals

  • NO GMOs (or Monsanto!!)

  • Nearly 100% Organic Ingredients/Materials

What we put into and onto our bodies matters.

We say NO to harmful chemicals and GMOs. 

Synthetic materials may be found in very small amounts when up-cycled materials (like recycled polyester or ocean plastics) are used. Check each product for details.


  • NO Discrimination
  • NO Sexism

  • NO Racism

  • Small/Local Businesses

  • Women-Owned

  • BIPOC-Owned

  • LGBTQIA+ Owned

  • AAPI-Owned

We don't approve vendors who discriminate in any way! 

Our goal is to empower and support ALL HUMANS no matter what gender identity, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, country of origin, age, religion, ability/disability, or spoken language. 

Just humans uplifting other humans.