The Story

Long story, short...

"Ethikli was born out of my frustration for the abundance of waste, suffering, abuse, lack of inclusivity and greed behind the everyday products we've been brainwashed into buying in excess. 

I've decided to put my money where my mouth [and heart] is and am committed to only supporting businesses that meet my high ethical standards

I turned my personal list of [Ethikli Approved] companies and products into an online shop so that my family, friends, YOU and I can easily shop with peace of mind all in one place. 

It may sound crazy to some of you, but I truly believe that 
we can incite change together; one purchase at a time."

...and, here's the extended version:

When I started my 'eco-minimalist' journey, I quickly became frustrated by the lack of transparency and greenwashing I encountered when trying to make more sustainable and "zero-waste" swaps. 

I had to do A LOT of digging to find products and brands that met all of my high ethical standards

In the process, I discovered many of them aren't as "sustainable" as they claim, were not inclusive/diverse in their marketing or hiring process, and (possibly unknowingly) still sourced their materials from the same inhumane factories that produce the plastic versions (many of the "cheaper" sustainable products are a result of this). 

I know, I'm EXTRA, but it's the only way I can personally feel like I'm truly supporting my words and beliefs with my actions. 

Each and every choice we make has consequences, 
whether we notice them or not. 

Would you donate your hard-earned money to support child labor and exploitation, plastic pollution, racism, excess/hazardous waste, sexism, deforestation, and animal abuse/torture?
Hopefully, not... But, chances are, you've been unknowingly financing all of these horrific practices for years. 
When I learned the truth of where our stuff comes from, I literally almost vomited all over my Forever 21 shirt and Fashion Nova pants. 

I, too, fell into the "affordable-trendy-fast-fashion-shiny-new-makeup-collectibles-I-need-the-newest-version-but-it-was-on-sale" consumer spell. 
I decided enough is enough.
I refuse to participate in and continue to fund practices that are not only destroying our planet and fellow habitants, but also damaging our bodies and minds

I made the decision to become a self-proclaimed "Eco-Minimalist":

A hipster-millennialist term to describe one who pursues a life of less consumption in order to reduce their impact on the Earth; An individual who embraces simplicity and rejects consumerism. 

As I dove deeper into a low-waste, ethical and vegan lifestyle my perspective completely shifted. 

It was as if I was unplugged from the Matrix

Instead of looking at things for their shininess or the brand name, I now look for a full list of ingredients, where it was made, who made it and where/how it was sourced. 

I want to make sure that I’m NOT investing my hard-earned money into the [broken and inhumane] system but, rather, in my own personal values
I also want to make it as easy as possible to stick to my commitment so I compiled a list of "Ethikli [Ethically + KLI (my initials) Approved]" brands and products I would start switching to as I ran out things. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find lots of incredible like-minded people already paving the path to change with genuine sustainable, ethical and vegan inventions and products.

My goal is to support those humans, inspire and educate other humans, give back to the world, and get everything I need all in one ethical market place...

Hence... Ethikli is born. 

"Your one-stop ethical shop where you can buy everything you need without the greed!"
I believe that transparency is the key to ethical business... 
...from the conception of 'stuff' to it’s after-life. 

By changing our habits one purchase and choice at a time, we can incite change together.

Your questions, comments, recommendations and concerns are always welcome. 

Ethikli is made for ALL humans. 

Thanks for reading! 

Founder + CEO | @katy.imp


I'm not perfect.


There is always more to learn and work to do and that's part of the reason why I created Ethikli - to help keep me on track. 

The good news is that we don't have to be perfect to make a difference. 

If each of us does the best we can (even if it's just changing one thing like consuming less meat or switching to a reusable water bottle) it will all add up. 

I'm just excited to share everything I've learned and continue to learn in the hopes that I may inspire even just one person to make a small change in their perspective. #HumansSupportingHumans

Behind The Scenes

NOTE: Before you start shopping Ethikli, it’s important to learn the 'WHY' behind making the switch so that it can become a lifestyle rather than a trend. 

This shop wasn’t created to make a 'quick buck' but, rather, to help educate and incite change. 

Check out the "[un]Learning" Blog.