PeppermintKid's Watermelon + Strawberry

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1. Chew - Until the tablet is soft and smooth.
2. Brush - As you would with any conventional toothpaste.
3. Smile - Rinse and enjoy that smooth, polished feeling!

Gently polishes your teeth leaving fewer places for bacteria to attach and reducing the formation of plaque and tartar. 

Less abrasive than most toothpastes but leaves you with a just after the dentist feeling. 

Store away in an airtight container away from moisture until ready to use. 

**Filled 2 oz jar will last you about 3 months!**

**Filled 2 oz jar will last you about 3 months!**

The official expiration date for the fluoride tabs is three years after production, but the fluoride-free tabs only lose a bit of flavor over time and don’t expire.