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Rose hips are berry-like fruits with a fruity, tangy taste that is similar to hibiscus flowers but not so much like roses! Rose hips are one of the richest plant sources of vitamin C. During World War II in England, a syrup made using rose hips was given to children as a vitamin C source. They are often used today to make a vitamin C-rich tea. They make a flavorful addition to all kinds of dishes and beverages and are commonly used for herbal tea blends, jellies, syrups, pies, bread, and even wines. Boost your health by adding rose hips to smoothies and juices, granola, and even for baking. Rose hips are also used for soapmaking, clarifying rinses, lotions, and potpourri. To make tea with rose hips, add 1 tsp to 1 c of boiling water. Steep for 5 minutes, strain, and enjoy hot or cold. Try with hibiscus flowers and agave for a tart, fruity tea.
These high quality rose hips are organically grown and full of active constituents.
Botanical name: Rosa canina
Azure Market Organic Rose Hip is from the Dog Rose plant, a perennial vine that grows up to 10 feet. Rose hip comes from the fruit formed from the flowers of this plant. Dried rose hips are ovoid-shaped, wrinkled and about 3/4” long. The hollow interior is covered in light-colored, stiff hairs and contains several yellowish-brown angular seeds.
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Organic Rosehips.


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Store in a cool, dry place in an air-tight container.

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