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1 oz.
Recycled Kraft Paper Bag

The Pau D’Arco tree has a big benefit to match its size. Also called the Purple Trumpet Tree, it grows up to 125 feet high and has beautiful purplish-pink flowers. Its inner bark has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to help support immunity.

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Pau d'arco bark.


More details coming soon.

More details coming soon.

Ordering delivery/pick-up:
Order in 1oz increments (1lb = 16oz) to get as much or as little as you need!
All dried goods come in a recycled paper bag, which can be recycled or torn up and added to your compost bin.
All liquids come in a glass jar/bottle (price of jar included in total).
Shopping in-Store:
Bring your own clean and dry containers and fill just what you need!
We also offer a selection of free up-cycled containers at the shop and complimentary paper bags (100% recycled, of course).