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16 fl oz
Glass Boston Bottle

Azure Market Organics Blackstrap Molasses has been made from organic cane sugar by farmers that are using sustainable agriculture practices. This molasses is processed without the use of synthetic chemicals and is unsulphered. Due to blackstrap molasses being made near the end of the sugar process causes it to be the most nutritious and full-flavored molasses. With no additives or preservatives this unsulphured molasses is rich, dark in color and nutrient rich in iron, potassium and calcium.

What is the difference between Blackstrap and Old Fashioned Molasses? Blackstrap Molasses has had more of the sugar extracted from it, which makes it less sweet (more bitter) but contains a higher amount of iron.

Old-Fashioned Molasses on the other hand, hasn’t had so much of the sugar removed so it is sweeter, but doesn’t have the higher concentration of iron.

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organic blackstrap molasses

United States of America, Paraguay, India

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Ordering delivery/pick-up:
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