Leaf Shave


Display your Leaf razor proudly on your countertop with a convenient stand. Designed with helpful features like an embedded rubber foot so that it stays in place, and a drainage hole to help your razor stay dry after each shave.

The Leaf Stand is a solid piece of zinc finished to match your razor. You'll find a drainage hole for water and rubber footing to keep it in place on your countertop. The Leaf Razor is a work of art as much as a tool for personal care, and so it deserves to be displayed. You can fit the razor in facing forward or backward in this beautiful stand.


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Zinc with Chrome Finish


5.1 oz


Place the handle of your razor into the slot. Blades can face either way.


Keep dry to avoid rusting.

Recycled/recyclable cardboard box.

The stand should last a lifetime just like your razor. However, if you do need to dispose of it you can return it to the shop. We'll ensure it gets recycled properly.