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These Azure Market Organic Tiny golden gems are packed with rarely consumed oils, lignans, fibers and proteins your body is almost certainly craving!

A 1/4 cup of golden flax seeds provides you with 11.7 grams of fiber. There is simply no other food so easy to eat of higher fiber content.

Flax as Egg Replacer Instructions: Grind seeds, then gradually add enough water to make an egg-like consistency. Use in place of an egg.

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Organic Golden Flax Seed


No Nutritional Information is available at this time. 

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
Avoid direct sunlight.

Bring your own container
(Must be clean, sanitized, and dry)

Need a container or ordering delivery?

Get a pre-filled 4oz jar.
Then, bring your new jar in to re-fill again and again!

We also offer complimentary paper bags (100% recycled, of course) and a selection of free up-cycled containers at the shop.