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1 oz
Recycled Kraft Paper Bag

An Ancient Grain that is an ancestor of modern wheat. High in nutrients and this organic emmer grain has had the hulls removed. Emmer Wheat is also called Farro in Italian, this ancient strain of hard wheat is often confused with spelt as they have a similar taste and texture. Emmer wheat is a type of wheat and is not suitable for those with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or a wheat allergy.

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organic farro (emmer wheat)

US & Canada

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Ordering delivery/pick-up:
Order in 1oz increments (1lb = 16oz) to get as much or as little as you need!
All dried goods come in a recycled paper bag, which can be recycled or torn up and added to your compost bin.
All liquids come in a glass jar/bottle (price of jar included in total).
Shopping in-Store:
Bring your own clean and dry containers and fill just what you need!
We also offer a selection of free up-cycled containers at the shop and complimentary paper bags (100% recycled, of course).