Ethikli Package-Free Goods

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Our customers share our vision of the way food should be and some have asked us how they can support us. Making Ethikli part of your shopping routine is all we ask. For those who want to do even more, there's the Ethikli Supporter Program.

For $25 per month, Supporters get:
  1. A $25 monthly credit on their account each month. If you spend the credit each month, you get the full dollar value of the subscription back. (We send the credit as a gift card that expires in 60 days, so you get plenty of time to use your credit.)
  2. "Willy Wonka" privileges - you may sample a small amount of any bulk product and take it home at no cost.
  3. Your name on the wall in the list of Ethikli Supporters. You can also choose to remain anonymous.

At checkout, you'll be asked to select a day for "delivery." Just pick any day, since nothing is actually delivered!