The Reluctant Trading Experiment

1 oz
Recycled Paper Bag

The aroma of these whole coriander seeds jump out of the tubes with huge orange and citrus notes. Many Michelin star chef customers say that nothing compares to the Coriander seed that Mr. Divakar sources for the Reluctant Trading Experiment in Umjha, India.  

And just so you know, we give you access to the exact same coriander seed that RTE regularly supplies to Michelin star chefs across the country.

By the way, while coriander and cilantro come from the same plant, they couldn't taste more different. (Cilantro actually comes from coriander leaves.)

Coriander enhances both sweet and savory dishes. Grind or toast. Fragrant notes of orange, lemon, lime and nuts. Use in sweet and savory dishes. Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian and Mediterranean cuisines

PRO TIP: For a quick snack, toast over medium heat in a skillet until fragrant, toss with olive oil, a little garlic powder and our Icelandic Sea Salt. If you enjoy, please send me fan mail.

Non-GMO, Non-ETO, Non-Irradiated. No funny business.

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Coriander Seed, Whole

Unjha, India

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Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
Avoid direct sunlight.


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