Anomaly Coffee

1 oz
Recycled Kraft Paper Bag

Introducing our latest addition to the espresso family, Organic Mexico Chiapas Kulaktik Washed. We are thrilled to feature this coffee from Anomaly, known for its distinctive complexity. Revel in the nuanced flavor profile with delightful acidity and notes of apple, pear, honey, and caramel sweetness. This coffee is perfect for both espresso enthusiasts and filter coffee lovers alike. Elevate your coffee experience with the exquisite taste of our Mexico Chiapas Kulaktik Washed, meticulously curated for your enjoyment.

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More details coming soon.


More details coming soon.

More details coming soon.

Ordering delivery/pick-up:
Order in 1oz increments (1lb = 16oz) to get as much or as little as you need!
All dried goods come in a recycled paper bag, which can be recycled or torn up and added to your compost bin.
All liquids come in a glass jar/bottle (price of jar included in total).
Shopping in-Store:
Bring your own clean and dry containers and fill just what you need!
We also offer a selection of free up-cycled containers at the shop and complimentary paper bags (100% recycled, of course).