What's a Pay-It-Forward Board?

Everyone should have enough food.

That food should be healthy for the people who eat it, the people who make it, the planet, and all the animals who were not exploited in the process.

We live in a society defined by outrageous inequality. But we want the food we sell at Ethikli to be as accessible as possible to people with different means. One modest step we can take in that direction is to give our community a way to share resources with each other.

So we created a Pay-It-Forward Board. 


Here's how it works. Our Pay-It-Forward Board has dollar amounts posted from $1 to $50. If you find yourself with a little extra cash, add any of those amounts to your shopping total at check-out, and write a quick note to the next user. (We strongly encourage dry good-based puns.)

Next time someone is short a few bucks for their baguette, they can use the balance you left on the board. 

Come by the shop, see what's new on the board, and give a little if you can. Many of us have already bean there, so if you can, lent-il a hand.

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