• Co-Ownership Transformed Ethikli into a Community Hub for Growth

    The Member-Owners of Ethikli celebrate the shop's two year anniversary party in March 2024. (Top left to right: Ry, Mad, Kat, Anelly, Quinton &am...
  • Last Minute Sustainable, Vegan, & Ethical Holiday Gift Guide

    No need to explain—we feel you! Pop by the shop today and check off everyone on your list. Holiday shopping at the grocery store? You better believ...
  • Greenwashing 101.

    What is Greenwashing? How can I avoid being Greenwashed? Don't be fooled by the pretty green fonts and pictures of leaves! That "eco-friendly" thing might not be very eco-friendly at all!

    Some brands are looking to make a profit off our concern for the environment without actually taking any sustainable measures. This practice, commonly referred to as "greenwashing", is a shady marketing tactic designed to make a brand look more sustainable than it really is...

  • Ethical.

    What's the real cost of your clothes, shoes, makeup, and household items? The truth will probably make you sick. What's worse is that your hard-earned money has been funding it, whether you know it or not. Enough is enough.
    Each purchase on Ethikli re-routes money AWAY from child labor, fast fashion/beauty, and greedy big business.
    Learn the truth and make the commitment
     to invest your hard-earned money in ethics, inclusivity, and transparency.