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A twist scouring brush. Fits easily into mugs and glass. 100% natural coconut fiber scrubber is a great all-round, eco-friendly scrub brush for your kitchen and home. The ECOMAX Twist Scourer is a long-lasting, sustainable alternative to the nylon scourer. It cleans without scratching, is dishwasher safe and doesn’t contain micro plastics. Don’t think this scourer is just for your kitchen, its cleaning power will also work wonders in your bathroom, backyard, BBQ, boat or shed.

 Naturally anti-microbial and dishwasher safe. 

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100% natural coconut fibers, Recyclable wire

Sri Lanka


 Use to scrub just about anything clean! 

Dishwasher safe. Rinse and hang to dry. 


100% package-free. Take apart and compost the fibers at end of life. Recycle the wire handle.