Cheeks Ahoy


Inspired by our bidet attachment, our Tush Towels will give you a cheeky squeaky clean and leave your hiney shiny.

Our cotton flannel "family cloth" (aka reusable toilet tissue) is washable and can be reused hundreds of times, saving money for you and saving the trees for the rest of us! Not only that, but is softer and performs way better than disposable toilet paper. No more fingers poking through!

*For best results use with a bidet (we love our bidet attachment!) 

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100% Organic Cotton Flannel


12" x 4.5" (about the length of 3 paper squares)


Use as you would any paper towel. 

Stack up clean Tush Towels and re-roll one at a time. After use, collect in our medium-sized mesh laundry bag (sold separately) or bin until ready to wash. 

Wash before use with like colors. Wash warm or hot and tumble or hang to dry. Fabric will naturally become softer and reach maximum absorbency after a few wash cycles. Expect some shrinkage. 


*Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets as they can decrease absorbency.


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