Cheeks Ahoy


Get ready for so many more one-wipe diaper changes! Cloth wipes clean so much more efficiently, you'll be impressed. These wipes are also perfect for: -runny noses -bath-time -toilet paper -napkins, kids lunch boxes -camping -removing make-up All while reducing waste and avoiding nasty chemicals and preservatives found in many commercial disposable wipes. Aaaand...if they get left in a pocket and thrown in the wash, they will just get clean: no more picking tiny pieces of shredded paper off of everything in the dryer!


  • Ingredients & Materials
  • Size & Dimensions
  • How To Use
  • Care & Storage
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One Layer of 100% Cotton Flannel

Wipes are not pre-washed, so expect some shrinkage.



Wipes are not pre-washed, so expect some shrinkage.


These wipes can be used as baby wipes at the changing table or in the diaper bag. Simply wet with water or use Cheeky Bits cloth wipe solution cubes to moisten.


Fabric is not pre-washed, so wash and dry before use.

To clean, loosen stains with a cold rinse first, if necessary, then wash on warm or hot with like colours using your detergent of choice.

Tumble or hang to dry.

Fabric will naturally become softer and reach maximum absorbency after a few wash cycles.

Expect some shrinkage. 

These wipes will hold up to all the rinsing and hot washes you put your cloth diapers through.

*Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets as they can decrease absorbency.