Cloud Rinjani


Finally, you can easily scrub that gunk out of the bottom of your bottles and dust off fabrics with this up-cycled wooden bottle handmade from reclaimed wood and coconut fibers.

Because they are made from scrap wood, each and every piece has it's own unique undertones and colors. 

You'll know it's the real deal when you see its' beautiful and natural imperfections exposing the fact that it's really made by human hands and not by a machine.

Entirely made by hand with reclaimed teak wood (handle) and coconut fiber (bristles). Coconut fibers are resistant to oil and grease, and naturally inhibit bacteria growth. Stiff yet flexible coconut bristles give hard-to-reach corners a serious scrub without scratching. Wood is sealed with non toxic sealant to extend its life by reducing mold, mildew and decay, making them water and weather resistant. Built durable and made to last.

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Coconut Fibers, Reclaimed Teak Wood

15" height x 3" width
(38cm x 7.6cm)

Use as intended.


Rinse bristles with warm water. Towel blot to remove excess moisture. Air dry.

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