Slay your edges, not the planet! Lay baby hairs in place with these firm, yet gentle bamboo-fiber bristles. First environmentally-conscious edge brush - even the bristles are made from bamboo! 

The cylindrical bamboo handle on the brush has a comfortable grip allowing the firm, yet gentle bamboo-fiber bristles to coax your "baby hairs" into place 

The bristles on the brush are tapered to allow you to strategically put each hair in its proper place for the perfect look.

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100% Bamboo, and Bamboo Fiber

Each brush is handmade so sizing will vary. 

Apply Apple Sauce sparingly to your edges. Using your bamboo edge brush, gently coax edges into desired position.

There are no special care instructions for this product. 

Once your brush has run its course, it can be disposed of safely by returning it to earth in compost or landfill.  It will completely biodegrade into soil, without pollution.