Cloud Rinjani

Eat in style with this beautiful, handmade coconut bowl complete with a wooden fork and spoon. 

Because they are made from scrap wood and coconuts, each and every piece has it's own unique undertones and colors. 

You'll know it's the real deal when you see its' beautiful and natural imperfections exposing the fact that it's really made by human hands and not by a machine.


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  • How To Use
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Coconut Shell, Wood


Bowl measures approximately 6" width x 3" height

Fork & spoon measure approximately: 7"


Use as intended. 

Please don't expose bowls to extreme temperatures such as extreme heat, or extreme cold , the microwave, or the dishwasher as they may cause cracking.

Bowls are suitable for warm, cold, and room temperature. Handwash with lukewarm soapy water.