Cloud Rinjani


This up-cycled body brush handmade from reclaimed wood and coconut fibers is the perfect texture for daily skin brushing and the handle makes it easier to get to those hard to reach spots.

The skin is the largest organ on the body. Regular dry skin brushing can improve blood circulation, cleanse the lymphatic system, eliminate dead skin, smooth the appearance of cellulite, and more.

Because they are made from scrap wood, each and every piece has it's own unique undertones and colors.

You'll know it's the real deal when you see its' beautiful and natural imperfections exposing the fact that it's really made by human hands and not by a machine.


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Coconut Fiber, Reclaimed Teak Wood


Measures approximately: 10" x 3"


Use as necessary, either dry or wet. 

How to care for your dry skin brush:

Wash with soap and water, hang to dry. Replace every 3 months or as needed.

Coconut bristles can be tossed right into your compost bin!

Safely burn the wood in a fireplace/fire pit. Or, create a dedicated wood compost pile in your backyard and let it serve as a playground for all sorts of beneficial insects until it rots away. Alternatively, some cities/towns may offer pick-up or drop-off to recycle it. 100% Package Free